A Body of Work: Eagle’s Flight

By Laura Lim The eyes on the brick wall stare at her, neon yellows and artificial blues that make her mouth water. Like candy. Whoever drew them is going to get caught by the authorities. She wonders why they painted the eyes in the first place. If they were smart, they did it in a … Continue reading

Defining Beauty: Time Among the Himba

By Keelin Guinan Discovering the different kinds of beautiful across the globe is essential to understanding the beauty that lies within each of us. In order to successfully do this however, one must look to the places that seem unconventional in comparison to his or her own perception. Recently, I traveled to a place that … Continue reading

The Women of Horror

By Leslie McGuier When we think of horror movies and their fans, one image often comes to mind: an awkward high school boy with long, shaggy hair dressed in black. While there is certainly no shortage of young male horror aficionados, the genre has always included and embraced female fans, actresses, writers, and directors. Cassandra … Continue reading

Brutally Honest: The Gossiping Gripes

By Lianna Tedesco Gossip is a nasty little bug, and those of us who are thinking “been there, done that,” know that it can be something akin to “Mean Girls”—minus all of the scary safari sounds. If you aren’t thinking any of that, consider yourself lucky to be revolving outside the ring of perpetual cattiness. … Continue reading